Economic Development & Planning

Mr S. Mngoma | Director: Economic Development & Planning

The Department of Planning and Development provides integrated planning services and maximised spatial efficiencies for optimal service delivery.

The department aims to promote and guide the spatial and physical development of the area through integrated, strategic, developmental and regulatory frameworks.

The role of the Planning and development Department in the municipality includes the following:

  1. Development of plans, strategies, policies
  2. Budgetary processes for the Department

Local Economic Development

Municipal Mandate and Strategic Objective

The Local Economic Development is responsible for the provision of the municipal LED Services inclusive of:

  • Business development and investment promotion
  • SMME Development
  • Development of SMME database
  • Development of poverty alleviation plans
  • The promotion of economic development; job creation, economic transformation and economic interventions within the municipal constituency.
  • The section is guided by policies established by National and Provincial Government.

Our section articulates the approach to economic development through the Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and an Economic Development Strategy (EDS) from which all activities are guided by,

but not restricted to, as the section also responds to the broader challenges facing the municipal constituency by endorsing other initiatives such as the Provincial Growth Development Strategy.

The development of Small Businesses is now recognized as a common strategy for Local Economic Development in South Africa. We as the municipality are playing a facilitation role between governments initiatives to support SMME’s and further play a role in providing the necessary infrastructure for business to thrive.

Human Settlement

Municipal Mandate and Strategic Objective

  • To provide housing opportunities to qualifying beneficiaries, enabling secure tenure and quality living environments.
  • The purpose of the Municipal Human Settlements is to facilitate the development of sustainable and integrated human settlements.

The provision of housing is informed by national policies including Outcome 8 of the Programme of Action, which calls for the creation of sustainable human settlements and improved quality of household life, and by Chapter 8 of the National Development Plan.

This chapter emphasizes the contribution of housing projects to overcoming spatial patterns which exacerbate social inequality and economic inefficiency, the realization of constitutional housing rights, and introduces principles to create spaces that are liveable, equitable, sustainable, resilient, efficient, and support economic opportunities and social cohesion.

Services rendered include:

  1. Develop, administer and maintain Hostels/ Community Residential Units (CRUs)
  2. Develop, administer and maintain Hostels/ Community Residential Units (CRUs)
  3. Address informal settlements through various housing interventions
  4. Undertaking of Remedial Programs (Title Deeds, Infrastructure Handover, Retrofit of Infrastructure)
  5. Develop new housing stock utilising the National housing subsidy
  6. Facilitate development of new social housing projects (rental) as well as for the affordable market